27 September 2010


danish trolls at the gas station
inside Loppen, the venue in Christiania

near Loppen
this place was weird
what we added to the ceiling in the dressing room
mark & danish cat

26 September 2010


mark at the end of the road festival
apt. in hamburg 
nik, incredible driver & spiritual guide
chris from broken sound going through records at rough trade east
a very serious interview in PARIS. ha ha

riding in the van
rouen, france
nathan's kerchief

25 September 2010

back in the u.s.a.

i have a lot more tour pictures to post so i'll do one long post of everything soon. i fell behind pretty quickly with spotty internet connections and 0 free time. we flew into jfk last night & had to circle around in the air & then taxi around on the runway because according to the pilot, "obama is flying out of jfk ". that seemed wrong somehow..... tonight we're driving upstate to play a show at binghamton university with XIU XIU
& then we have a record to finish. xo photo by lomography corporation

09 September 2010

dijon part II

The Peniche Cancale in Dijon, France
the venue is down below in the boat
outside the boat
the boys eating cheese, bread, wine, pate, meats
boris (from SABOTAGE)

chantelle (from SABOTAGE) and jean-pierre let us stay at their house
the giant wall of pins. i'll post the ones our band made as soon as i get a chance.

05 September 2010

03 September 2010


thirft store in luzern
mark's ugly shoes. they cost 4 swiss francs & he destroyed them the next day
country house where we stayed with a bunch of swiss high school kids

funny stage
after the show

la fourmi in switzerland